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Pakistan’s premier financial services under Modaraba floatation & control ordinance offering Islamic financial solutions to corporates, high and mid-tier SMEs and consumer market, using high-end technology and best global processes and practices.

About Us

OLP Modaraba “OLPM” (formerly ORIX Modaraba) is an Islamic Financial Institution listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. OLPM, incorporated in 1987 as First Grindlays Modaraba and controlled by ANZ Grindlays Bank which was then acquired by Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited in the year 2000. With this merger, name of First Grindlays Modaraba changed to Standard Chartered Modaraba. ORIX Leasing Pakistan acquired Standard Chartered Modaraba in 2016 due to its high growth prospects and complementary fit with its existing operations in Pakistan and re-named it “ORIX Modaraba”. However, ORIX Modaraba has been renamed as OLP Modaraba as a re-branding/ re-profiling exercise carried out at the ORIX group level in order to further strengthen and improve Modaraba’s high image in the market. The Modaraba is primarily engaged in the financing of plant, machinery, equipment, vehicles and housing finance under Islamic finance structures and operates from offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

OLP Modaraba is a member of NBFI & Modaraba Association of Pakistan.


OLP Modaraba (formerly ORIX Modaraba) vision is to be the leading Shariah compliant financial services entity by constantly anticipating market needs with the aim to create value for stakeholders.


Our mission is to meet the client needs by ensuring service quality, care for the environment, providing growth opportunities to our employees and creating value for our certificate holders.


Ownership- We protect the interest of the Company as if it is our own Business.

Innovation- We seek continuous improvement and encourage creativity.

Teamwork- We work together to create synergies.

Customer Focus- We are because of our customers and our success lies in their satisfaction.

Integrity- We promote honesty and fairness in all our actions.

Respect- We respect each other’s feelings and opinions.

MoU Signing on project titled “Delivering the Transition to Energy Efficient Lightning in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Outdoor sectors in Pakistan”, together with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

OLP Modaraba (formerly ORIX Modaraba) has facilitated the first transaction in Pakistan for implementing a project titled “Delivering the Transition to Energy Efficient Lightning in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Outdoor sectors in Pakistan”, together with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The project is funded by Global Environment Facility (GEF). The initial transaction is Islamic in nature, funded through a DM transaction, with partial risk coverage through a NEECA guarantee (funded through a UNEP facility). The project is envisaged to have a huge impact on the environmental, social, and economic aspects bringing about an estimated annual saving in the energy of 2.3 million megawatts. The MOU signing ceremony was held between the financer Mr. Raheel Qamar Ahmad, MD & CEO OLP Modaraba formerly (ORIX Modaraba), and the borrower Mr. Asad Ahmad CEO Image Pakistan Limited, and guarantor Dr. Sardar Mohazzam, MD Energy Conservation Fund (ECF) subsidiary of National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (NEECA) held on Wednesday November 3, 2021, at Marriot Hotel Karachi


The registration number of the management company of OLPM is


Date of Registration of Modaraba Management Company

February 25, 1957

Date of Listing of Modaraba

May 26, 1987

The Sale Tax Registration Number of OLPM is


The National Tax Number of OLPM is


The symbol assigned by

Pakistan Stock Exchange

to OLP Modaraba (Formerly ORIX Modaraba) is OLPM.

On September 01, 2015

OLP Financial Services Pakistan signed a Share and Certificate Purchase Agreement (SPA) with Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited (SCBPL), for the acquisition of SCBPL’s 20% stake in the Modaraba [10% directly and 10% through ORIX Services Pakistan (Private) Limited (formerly Standard Chartered Services of Pakistan (Private) Limited)], and 100% stake in the management company of the Modaraba. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (“SECP”), on March 28, 2016, gave approval for this transaction. Subsequently ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited acquired the 100% ownership of ORIX Services Pakistan (Private) Limited and 10% ownership of ORIX Modaraba (Formerly Standard Chartered Modaraba) on June 20, 2016 and June 21, 2016 respectively.

Acquisition by ORIX Group


Subsequently ORIX


 OLP Modaraba (formerly ORIX Modaraba) (ORIXM) started its operations in 1987 as the First Grindlays Modaraba (FGM). Its initial public offering still holds the record for the most oversubscribed share (14 times) in the history of the PSX. The first few clients were Pakistan Burma Shell, Pakistan State Oil and Siemens. The Modaraba, since then, continues growing its clientele and financial footing. In the year 2000, Standard Chartered Bank acquired the ANZ Grindlays Bank Asia operations. With this acquisition, FGM became a part of the global banking Standard Chartered Group PLC conglomerate. During these years, Standard Chartered Modaraba (SCM) became a pioneering Islamic Financial Institution in Pakistan. In 2016, ORIX Group of Japan acquired the SCB shareholding in SCM. This was a landmark transaction where one of the world’s largest rental and asset management conglomerates entered into specialized Islamic finance space, acquiring an entity that is undoubtedly a thought leader in the Pakistani Islamic Financial Market

May 26

For : OLP Financial Services Pakistan Limited



ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited

1986 July

ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited (“OLP”) was established in July 1986 as a joint venture between ORIX Corporation, Japan and local investors. The Company is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. OLP is headquartered in Karachi and has 38 branches situated in 35 cities. Its major shareholder is ORIX Corporation (ORIX) having 49.6% shareholding.

OLP offers value-added financial products and innovative customized services to a wide array of customers throughout Pakistan. The blend of international experience and local expertise acquired over the last 35 years provides OLP a distinctive competitive edge. OLP takes pride in the fact that it has played a major role towards the economic development of the Country by supporting the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Sector and in doing so, has helped grow numerous small and medium businesses into larger enterprises and created thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly. Today, OLP is the largest SME focused Non-Banking Finance Company in Pakistan.

The ModarabaConcept

Introduced in Pakistan in 1980

The laws governing modarabas were introduced in Pakistan in 1980 as one of the first steps taken by the Government towards establishing a financial system in coherence with the injunctions of Islam.

The formation of a Modaraba is done under an arrangement made between two parties: one provides the capital (rabb-ul-maal), and the other party, called the mudarib, contributes through its skills. A Modaraba can undertake virtually any business activity that is not repugnant to Shariah, the Islamic Law. Moreover, a Modaraba may be either a multipurpose or a specific purpose Modaraba, and can be formed for either a fixed or an indefinite period. Capital is raised from the public in the form of Modaraba Certificates, which are similar to shares of companies.



Mufti Faisal Ahmed

Mufti Faisal Ahmed is the Shariah advisor of OLP Modaraba (formerly ORIX Modaraba). He has experience as a teacher and visiting faculty at different Universities. He is a regular guest speaker on Islamic topics including Riba Free Banking, Zakat, etc. In addition to his primary responsibility of being a teacher at Jamiatur-Rasheed since 2003, he is also assigned responsibility of Administration, Consultancy and delivering Fatawa at Shariah Consultancy for Trade and Finance under supervision of Dar-ul-Ifta Jamiat-ur-Rasheed.



Fazle Ghani Advocates

Fazle Ghani Khan established Fazleghani Advocates in 1953 in Lahore and served as a Judge of the High Court of West Pakistan from 1965 till 1971. The firm was reestablished by him in 1971 in Karachi. Senior Partner, Makhdoom Ali Khan joined Fazleghani Advocates in 1980, and was invited to sign the role of Senior Advocates of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2001. He rejoined Fazleghani Advocates in 2007, after six years away, during which time he held the office of Attorney General for Pakistan. Over the years, the Senior Partners at Fazleghani Advocates have trained many outstanding litigators. Fazleghani Advocates is widely recognized as the top Administrative & Constitutional Law, Commercial and Taxation Law Chambers in Pakistan, both by reputation and rankings in international legal publications. The firm has been involved in a large number of landmark cases before the superior courts of Pakistan. Fazleghani Advocates Karachi Chambers prides itself in housing the largest private law library in Pakistan.



PwC Pakistan

A.F. Ferguson & Co., is one of the leading public accounting, business advisory and corporate services firms in Pakistan



Share Registrar


A. F. FERGUSON & CO., Chartered Accountants.

Registrars & Share Registration Office

Famco Associates (Private) Limited 8-F, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi
Phone: (021) 34380101-5

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