Certificate of Musharaka


Certificates of Musharaka

OLPM's COM Scheme has been formulated under the parameters laid down for this purpose by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan in its "Guidelines for Issue of Certificates of Musharika for Modarabas." OLPM's COMs combines the unique features of purity, maturity of income, security accompanying with a rewarding ROI.

What isCertificate of Musharaka?

OLPM’s Certificate of Musharaka is a profit & loss-sharing instrument whereby investors have an opportunity to earn low-risk income. It offers the most secure and rewarding return to its investors given ORIXM’s AA Rating assigned by Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA). This indicates low expectation of credit risk and very strong capacity for timely payment of financial commitments. Launched in the year 2000. This Shariah compliant Deposit Scheme has been formulated under the guidelines issued by SECP Religious Board formed under the Modaraba Ordinance.

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Who Can Invest


OLPM's Certificate of Musharaka (COMs) is a Shariah Compliant Islamic investment avenue available to individuals, corporates and retirement funds. COMs are available at branches of OLPM and Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited (SCBPL).

Product Features

  • Shariah Compliant Islamic investment scheme

  • Flexible maturities from 3 months to 5 years

  • Flexible profit payments

  • Early redemption after 45 days

  • Without the hassle of opening new bank account

  • Flexible terms & conditions