Diminishing Musharika


Diminishing Musharika

OLP Modaraba (formerly ORIX Modaraba) also offers Diminishing Musharakah. This product is based on Shirkat ul Milk structure.

What isDiminishing Musharika

DM arrangements allow equity participation and sharing of profits on a pro-rata basis. Under this product, possession of the asset is with the client. The financing is made by OLPM and the client jointly in accordance with an agreed share. The share of the Modaraba in an asset reduces with every periodical payment, ultimately transferring ownership of the asset to the client. The client also pays rent for the use of Modaraba’s share in the asset.

The clients may approach OLPM for the acquisition of Plant and Machinery, Motor Vehicles, Office and Computer Equipment using DM financing. The asset remains mortgaged in favor of OLPM until settlement.

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Who Can Apply

OLPM offers

OLPM is offering DM to reputable Corporate/SME clients having satisfactory and proven track record, financial standing and a business line in consonance with Shariah and/or any regulatory directives issued in this respect. Our Client Relationship Team is there to assist you.


  • Compliant with the Shariah principles.

  • Accessible to reputable Corporates and SME clients.

  • Flexible Financing Tenor suited to client’s requirements.

  • A panel of Surveyors, legal counsel, Takaful & Insurance companies is engaged with ORIXM.

  • Flexible terms & conditions.